The C9 Diet – Days 1 & 2………

doraIn the words of an iconic individual – Dora The Explorer – “We did it! We did it! We did it! Yay!”

I have succeeded in completing the first 2 days of the Forever Living C9 Detox.  And by god, I’m bloody hungry!!

My fasting accomplishment over the weekend is no mean feat.  As commented in my previous blog regarding this detox, I love love love food!  You are reading about the person who only succeeded in doing the 5:2 Diet for a week because I was defeated by hunger pangs on the fast days, and binged on the other 5 days to make up for the fast days! (catch my drift…..?).

I am amazed at my success!  My husband has complimented me on my success!

To reiterate, this is a personal account of my experiences of the C9 Detox.  I am not a representative of the company (or any like company), I have not obtained the C9 pack through a representative (my patience with sales people is basically ‘0’), and I am persevering using my own will power, the printed media contained in the pack, and information I am able to glean through Google searches.

The instruction booklet is totally honest…… tells you (in my own words) that the diet is hard, you will be tired, you will be hungry and it’s best to start the detox on a day where you will not be working hard (eg. a heavy day at work).  So I decided that my best bet would be to start on a weekend.  Now I know myself very well and, on the basis that I obsess about food when I’m not on a diet, you can imagine how I would be surviving on a liquid only diet for 2 days!  Notwithstanding the option of sleeping for the first 48 hours which would guarantee success, I decided to keep myself busy by decorating…….the spare room………which we are converting into a home gym (see, I have good intentions!)

I’m not going to beat about the bush here – the aloe vera gel/liquid is disgusting.  Even diluting with 250ml of water does not alleviate the taste of the plastic container it is supplied in!  Many of the reviews I read gave the impression it had a bitter taste.  I disagree.  It’s just yuck.  So I followed some very useful advice and put in approximately 5ml of orange squash which succeeded in making it just about palatable.  But don’t fall into the trap I did!  I assume this is an aloe vera extract; as such, when mixed with water it separates therefore the first half of the glass actually tastes like orange squash.  Until you realise the aloe vera has sunk to the bottom and you’ve now got to stomach fairly neat extract!  So take my advice, keep a spoon in the glass, and mix prior to drinking.  This reduces the suffering…….

The tablets are big.  Fortunately I can take tablets very easily.  If you have an aversion to tablets, you might find this a problem.  I could go into the detail regarding the ingredients of the tablets but the information blurs as I read it…… it’s easier to say that they are apparently natural based supplements which are meant to aid and enhance the detox.  Believe me, after what I paid for the C9 pack, I wasn’t gonna not take them!  So just be prepared for swallowing reasonably large tablets 3 times a day.

The chocolate ‘milkshake’ – which you are allowed once a day during the first 2 days – is ok.  Very hard to explain but an almost wheaty taste.  It must be ok because I like it, and my aversion is generally with liquids.  The C9 pack comes with a drinks bottle which allows you to mix the ‘milkshake’ and drink directly.  A very useful item.  I’m even using it to mix up my aloe vera yuck.

For those who find the 2 fast days very hard to bear, there is a list of low GI free foods.  One of these was strawberries which was my life saver over the weekend, although the booklet again stresses that eating of free foods must be in moderation.

My one and only cheat over the weekend was coffee.  To try and keep within the constraints of the detox, I drank this black.  Unfortunately I have found that I am so addicted to caffeine (especially coffee) that if I don’t have it, I get the most awful migraines.  I am not willing to risk this for any diet!  I have tried in the past.  So I did have my 2 black coffees in the morning.  And later in the day I switched to decaffeinated coffee – I needed something to look forward to!!  My own view is that it has done me a favour.  I was tired but can put this down to sleeping badly at night (due to hunger pangs and a very irritable leg due to the nerve damage I sustained in it).  Oh, and a sore head due to the vapours given off by the paint when decorating…….

By 5pm on the first day I was starving. The hunger pangs were starting, my husband was cooking pizza and garlic bread in the oven for the rest of the family, and I was stuck in the spare room smelling this while painting the wall and drinking aloe vera yuck!  But I tried to visualise what I was achieving in my body and the bedroom and remained in reasonably good cheer.

At 9pm, I was starving even more.  We were watching a reasonably good film, but all I had to look forward to was more aloe vera yuck while the family sat there eating the remains of the pizza and garlic bread for supper. Ummmmm………..

Midnight…….bed and the oblivion of sleep……..NOT!  My nerve damaged left leg was particularly bad (un-detox related) and the hunger pangs consumed my mind.  You would not believe the visions of food I kept having!  I think I fell into restless sleep about 4am!

Day 2 I wake just before 11am.  Thinking of food.  Lovely food.  I have my 2 cups of black coffee, then starts the torture of consuming an endless amount of aloe vera yuck. It’s amazing how much decorating a room pre-occupies your mind and dulls the disgusting taste of the aloe vera.  Unfortunately I’m starting to feel grouchy.  Hungry and grouchy.  The hunger pangs are fully established now.  I’m looking longingly at my stout and muscular jack russell dog…….a very good food supply in times of stress and adversity…….I’d even eat a McDonald’s burger at this stage!

But onwards and upwards.  Think of the achievement, that svelte body I could achieve (in my dreams), the elimination of bloating, the removal of toxins, blah de blah de blah de blah…….believe me, I’ve said it all, dreamed it, aspired to it, etc. etc.  But one thing still remains. I’M BLOODY HUNGRY!I 

Fortunately the decorating did achieve its target – it did pre-occupy me.  By 7.30pm, holes were filled and sanded, the walls were painted and the room looked amazing.  And above all else, it kept me away from the sight and smell of the scrummy steak pie and veg my husband was cooking for the family followed by peanut butter ice creams.  My son did find it highly amusing to come find me in the bedroom whilst licking his ice cream and making appreciative slurping noises – until I told him exactly where he could stick said ice cream!  The rest of the evening was spent in front of the tv with the added bonus of a small bowl of strawberries, my chocolate ‘milkshake’ and a lovely mug of decaf black coffee.  What more could you ask for?????  FOOD OF COURSE!!!!!!!!

By the time I went to bed the hunger pangs had decreased…….to be overtaken by the dull ache of starvation in my deprived concave stomach!  On a positive however, I had succeeded!  I had finished the 2 fast days!  And the next day I could have a meal!

I have woken this morning a lot more upbeat and looking forward to the day.  I have had my quota of tablets and aloe vera yuck for the day thus far, I am just about to consume my 2nd chocolate ‘milkshake’, I am hungry but now at the stage where I actually feel a bit sick I’m that hungry, I have a bit of a headache and minor shakes.  But I am totally overjoyed at completing the last 2 days.  Because I seriously didn’t think I would do it.  No, I mean seriously.  It is truly amazing!

And now for the next bit of news………various weights and measurements are taken and recorded at the beginning of the detox, then again on Day 3.  I have duly undertaken both and can report that I have lost approximately 1.75lbs in weight, and half an inch from my waist.  The detox does advocate losing inches over various parts of your body but my personal opinion is this is par for the course bearing in mind the detox involves substantially reducing your food intake and reducing fluid retention.  To be honest, at this stage all I seem to have managed to achieve is even looser rolls of fat due to an empty stomach and more prominant cellulite on my thighs!  But any weight loss and reduction in measurements is an incentive no matter how cynical the mind, I’m heading in the right direction, I can look forward to the pleasure of solid food later – and believe me, I will savour every single mouthful! – and I have 7 days in which to achieve more promising results.  This detox isn’t a viable lifestyle, but so far it is giving me positivity and providing the basis for a healthier lifestyle and eating regime in the future.

I will report further during the next milestone of Day 6……..

Anthea xxx


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