The Life & ‘Affairs’ of Janine Butcher!

cheatingJanine Butcher has recently had an extra-marital affair.  The poor sod involved is the son of a friend of hers who obviously saw ‘tits and arse’ (droopy at that) and not much more…..a very unbecoming and inadequate representation of her true nature!

Now, bearing in mind I have been estranged from the likes of Janine and Waynetta Slob for the last year or so – I like standards in my life! – I am not particularly interested in the ‘affairs’ of Janine anymore; firstly, because my life has been substantially more peaceful now she isn’t a part of it; and secondly, her extra-marital affairs are such old news……it’s the story of her life!

But Waynetta, and indirectly Janine and their immediate circle, made a very stupid mistake.  They decided to make it my business.  My beautiful and gorgeous mum happened to visit Waynetta’s house some weeks back for the purpose of seeing Janine’s son who she rarely got to see now.  On this particular evening, I was having a merry time at a dinner/dance when I noticed a few missed calls from my mum on my mobile, which was very unusual.  So I nipped outside and rang her back….. on speaking to my mum, it very soon became apparent that she was extremely upset and in tears.  This is a rarity; my mum is a very proud individual who does not generally give herself to such emotion – this is not to say she does not ‘feel’, just that she doesn’t like to publicise it.

On speaking to my mum, it materialised that she had been ‘set upon’ by Waynetta and Janine’s son due to allegedly telling me about Janine’s extra-marital affair.  This then progressed into an all out assault over her continued association and supposed favoritism of myself (and my niece Emily who Waynetta has an unexplained and unjustified aversion to), and the accusation that my mum is a pathological liar, which exceeds all levels of hypocrisy when you take a long hard look at the accusers!!

So hence the first BIG mistake…….. you cross my mum, you cross me!  And the second mistake?  You brought me into this.  You deigned to mention my name. You failed to get on with your own miserable lives and stupidly assumed I had continued to be interested in yours when you are so not worth my time of day.  And the third and final mistake??  I cannot believe the audacity of such persons to accuse my own mum of lying when this is blantantly untrue of her, yet is the very basis of their own lives and existence.

‘Affairs’ have been a constant occurrence throughout Janine’s life, but one she has adamantly refuted in the last year to her captive audience! I have not been an angel myself; certain aspects of my past life would seriously bring into question my own morals.  In my support, I was a very confused individual who lacked any self respect, and thought that by sleeping around people would love me.  I spent many unhappy years thinking this was the case.  But I’ve learnt a lot and turned my life around.  I have been married for 10 years and have never strayed.  Mainly due to my appreciation of my husband but also because I believe in the sanctity of marriage.  But it doesn’t mean to say that I have forgotten my past, and I like to think I am fairly open minded, try to see both sides of the fence, and acknowledge that my own lack of morals in the past mean I am the last person who should be casting aspersions on others in like situations.

So then we look at Janine, and it would be lovely to think she has the same sort of values, can acknowledge her true self and actions, hold her head up high whilst recognising she has not lead a perfect life, is still not perfect but has changed for the better.  But no.  Janine Butcher is not only a downright liar, she also has no standards whilst constantly adopting this supercillious attitude whereby she actually thinks she is better than everybody else…… an immoral person who is living proof that some leopards never change their spots!

Janine’s first obvious dalliance came to light during her marriage to her first husband.  Janine got married in haste due to an inadvertent pregnancy in her late teens (I would like to stress that this ‘inadvertent pregnancy’ has grown up into a lovely mature female who fortunately does not resemble her mother!).  Their marriage was tempestuous from the beginning……. Janine would have it that her first husband was violent and physically abused her.  I can readily state he didn’t other than in self defence.  Janine was partial to using her fists when growing up, and it would seem she continued to do so in her relationships.  She had a unique ability for pushing and pushing people until they snapped….. a seriously unsavoury trait.  Her first husband was a very respectable person who held down a good job and worked hard.  When Janine looked at him, all she saw was ££ signs and what she could get/spend.  It is lucky that her husband had his head screwed on otherwise he would have quickly been spent out and reduced to a ‘nothing’.  The one extra-marital affair I was particularly aware of during this marriage involved a lad a few years her junior who lived across the road.  At this stage I had moved to Kent and was involved in my own life and affairs, but we were all more than aware of Janine’s dalliance.  Janine and her first husband had two children, both of whom have grown up into respectable individuals which some of us find absolutely amazing considering who their mother is!  For the majority of their formative years, Janine poisoned the children against their dad (a trait she was to repeat) but I am pleased to say that is past and they have a very good relationship with their dad currently.

Fortunately for Janine’s first husband, he managed to escape and they divorced.  We applauded him!  The next significant partner of Janine’s that I can recollect was a male who worked in a bar down town and was quite well known by people.  This relationship was not the most ideal for a number of reasons – we were aware of Janine’s lack of morals, and this particular partner would most probably admit that his own were somewhat lacking too.  As is par for the course in all Janine’s relationships, it was pretty tempestuous again with fights and arguments and money issues (not that Janine would admit this was any of her fault!).  And, last but not least, the relationship was a very unstable upbringing for Janine’s 2 young children who did not receive any consistent nurturing and were subjected to the roller coaster ride of their mother’s emotions.  In addition, Janine and her partner partook in the smoking of dope/grass in front of the children (something my own partner participated in too during visits). The children were frequently exposed to a thick plume of dope smoke and exhibited the signs of passive dope smoking. I found this particularly distasteful but was too naive and scared to voice my opinion which I knew would be met with scorn.  My partner and I generally got on quite well with Janine and her partner and we would travel up quite frequently to spend the weekend.  With hindsight, there was obviously a lot more going on between my partner and Janine than I ever realised bearing in mind the events that occurred as detailed in my blog “The First Character“.  I think Janine’s partner and I were subconsciously suspicious that something was amiss however due to the constant and obvious flirting occurring between them!  Janine did succeed in falling pregnant during the course of this unidyllic relationship and gave birth to another daughter who I will name ‘Vicky Pollard’ for future blog purposes.  But immaterial of the circumstances, Janine embarked on another affair, this time with the supervisor at her workplace…….. a person who eventually became her 2nd husband.  Her relationship broke up as a result but to this day, Janine’s ex-partner has not seen his daughter, Vicky, who was no more than a toddler when the relationship ended, and is now an adult – Janine stated at the time that his input into his daughter’s upbringing was not welcome, and has since spent considerable time and effort poisoning Vicky against her father which has been grossly unjust and unfair.  Unfortunately, despite efforts on the part of her father, Vicky continues to be estranged from him due to having no spine of her own to act like the adult she now says she is (!) and make a stand against her mother.

So we move onto Janine’s next relationship and husband…….. there’s not much I can say about this relationship other than I (and numerous other people) never understood it.  He was a strange character, had unfortunate health issues, had various jobs interspersed with unemployment mainly thanks to Janine’s trantrums/pressures, and got fleeced by Janine for all he had (which wasn’t much).  I never had a close relationship with him but he will still get some modicum of sympathy from me purely due to his involvement with Janine!  But it was a reasonably short lived marriage in the great scheme of things (a few years) because……….Janine had an affair!  And with another supervisor from work!

This next individual became the father of her 4th child although they never married (halelujah for small mercies!).  I personally liked and got on with this individual, and still do.  I feel like a parrot here, but the relationship was tempestuous (!!) mainly due to Janine’s mood swings, she spent his money where/when she could, and his work went downhill and floundered due to the pressures Janine placed on him.  Money issues were very apparent – I would have Janine on the phone on many occasions crying due to debt problems.  Yet, for an intelligent person, I never saw her hold down a job for any reasonable length of time, or plan for lean times……. if the money was there, she spent it, and then subjected all and sundry to total grief when the money was gone.  I used to have her children over to stay most weekends.  I was in a new relationship and lived nearby at this stage, so enjoyed the company of her children and wanted to give them some stability and happiness which they rarely received from their mother unless the sun shone in a certain way and the wind was blowing in an easterly direction!!

Need I say, this relationship died a death after a few years…… not helped by the fact that Janine was indulging in the exchange of pornographic footage/images via the internet with her next ‘conquest’ and soon-to-be husband.  She never was very good at exercising discretion.

I have had quite a lot of involvement in this final relationship/marriage.  Janine moved away to be with her 3rd husband, which also served the purpose of evading certain debts she owed. Over a couple of years, I visited her on a number of occasions – and a lot more than was reciprocated!  I liked this particular husband initially.  He was self employed and earnt a reasonable amount of money, and generally tried to do his best even when being treated like a muppet by Janine (very often).  There is a funny story early on in their relationship whereby Janine found out he was contacting a number of females in a suggestive manner over the internet…… and when I say a number of women, I am talking in the region of 30 to 40! (Go boy!).  Apart from comments being made on our part regarding Janine getting a taste of her own medicine, it did appeal to our humour when she regaled us with the story of how he had repented his sins by saying ‘Hail Mary!’ a 100 times and giving up his computer….. he’s a Roman Catholic so that makes all the difference, you know!!  It was not long after this that they decided to get married (I think it might have been a month).  Many incidents have occurred during this marriage, too many to discuss in this blog but the majority of them immoral.  But……… it’s been very tempestuous (!!); full of debt due to Janine’s insatiable appetite to spend, spend, spend!; full of lies and deceit to each other, to us; full of unpleasant and unhappy visits where we have borne the brunt of Janine’s unpredictable mood swings and nastiness; a continuation of our own stupidity in giving her the benefit of the doubt and thinking she will improve, get better, see the light, who knows?????? Times when I have visited and had to clean up, cook the dinner, sort the washing, feed the animals and kids, and listen to her constant tales of woe because she has a total inability to face the music and is caught in another cycle of self-inflicted misfortune.  But at the end of the day, I have been able to walk away from it and her.  Not so for the husband or the children still living with her though.  And the cycle of misfortune continues……to current times, to her current extra-marital affair, to the start of this blog! And am I surprised???? What do you think?????  But I have no sympathy for the husband, or for the 2 remaining children at home, who have played an integral part in the deterioration of relations and contributed substantially to the myriad of lies being flung about.

Janine has been involved in other relationships as well as those mentioned above……such as a lovely man named ‘Dave’ who I am so glad managed to get away cos he really was nice and way too decent.  I recall she also had an affair with at least one married man who she met at one of her workplaces (deja vué comes to mind) – she managed to get him arrested and done for assault!  Although I cannot remember the exact circumstances, believe me when I say she was not without blame during this incident!  Unfortunately events get sketchy and you forget as you get older, plus I had my own life to live, so I cannot recollect all of Janine’s relationships.  But I have a reasonable level of self respect. I don’t lie, I don’t fabricate, and I don’t make up the parts of the story that are missing…… unlike other people I could mention!

So welcome to “The Life & ‘Affairs’ of Janine Butcher“.  I hope it has been enjoyable reading…….believe me, it’s been an enjoyable and entertaining experience for me in the past too!

Anthea xx


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