In the Words of Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé…………. Barcelona!!

_wsb_329x282_FAT+SLAGSA few years ago, I had the opportunity to go away for a week to Barcelona.  My lovely son would have only been about 6 years old at the time, and it wasn’t an easy decision because I had only ever spent one night away from my husband and son and knew I would miss them.

The purpose of the holiday was to celebrate the 18th birthday of Janine Butcher’s daughter – I had been close to Janine’s daughter when she was growing up and used to have her over to stay on frequent occasions.  I did not see Janine and her daughter very much at this stage for geographical reasons, and on the occasions I did see them, my relationship with Janine was very reserved due to her ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ nature which was well known and experienced by various members of the family til present time!

Due to essentially being quite a sentimental person, and with the added temptation of a week’s holiday in a beautiful location, I took the plunge and decided to go.  It is worth noting at this point that my mum and Waynetta were also going to Barcelona – the intention being that we would surprise Janine’s daughter when we turned up at the airport – and also my niece, Emily, who I had a good relationship with.

My mum, Emily and myself must have had some reservations prior to the trip however as we discussed and agreed in some detail the sleeping arrangements between us to ensure that none of us had to share with Janine and suffer her impromptu moods.  I fortunately shared a room with my mum which was to be one of my only saving graces!

It all started relatively well – 6 happy females travelling to Spain with plans of sightseeing, relaxing, having a laugh and maybe a few sherberts…… unfortunately this feeling of well being only lasted for about 2 days!!

Now, anybody who knows me knows I like my bed….. when school’s out, early mornings do not exist and pyjamas rule until lunchtime.  If an opportunity for a lay-in exists, I will readily admit that I am totally selfish and will not get up for ANYBODY unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  In summary, I’m lazy, like sleeping and applaud like minded people.

This holiday, however, was one of those ‘ABSOLUTELY necessary’ times.  The whole purpose of the holiday was to celebrate the 18th birthday of Janine’s daughter and make the experience as enjoyable as possible for her.  Our own needs were secondary on this occasion.

But not for Janine and Waynetta.  Janine’s lazy, selfish and spiteful nature showed itself in full force.  Waynetta, on the other hand, showed her true nature in a different way… was the ‘suck up to Janine’ cowardice nature.  Consequently, Janine and Waynetta demonstrated that they quite obviously had no intention of getting up and/or participating in any trips or sightseeing.  In fact, I can only recollect them participating in one group excursion.  Did we arrange to all go together?? Yes. Did we try to get them up by knocking on the door or joint wall and calling loudly?? Yes. Did we hang around at breakfast hoping they would show up?? Yes. Was it ultimately our fault they didn’t come along with us?? Yes. Was there ANY acknowledgement on their part that they may have been at fault or even slightly responsible?? No.  Were we naive to expect them to acknowledge any wrong doing?? With hindsight, most definitely!

The trouble was, Janine’s distasteful nature didn’t just stop there…… the rest of us (mum, Emily, Janine’s daughter and myself) tried to make the most of the holiday and continued with trips out, shopping, enjoying the evening entertainment, meeting people, etc.  But we were consistently subjected to barbed comments, disdainful looks and a superior attitude.  Emily and Janine’s daughter tried to take the middle road, tried to keep the peace… mum and I were nonplussed  but less forgiving……whichever form we took, however, we were all treading on eggshells, dreading the malice that Janine could possibly subject us to next.

A number of incidents occurred which were not particularly pleasant.  On one such occasion, mum and I went out for a few hours looking around town I think.  Prior to going out, we had arranged to meet up with the others outside the hotel restaurant at 6pm so that we could all dine together – you needed to be on time because the restaurant got full very quickly!  At 6pm, mum and I were outside the restaurant; after a good 10 minutes of waiting, the others still hadn’t arrived.  We could see the restaurant was getting busy and were getting quite annoyed. On the off chance we had missed them, mum went in to the restaurant to see if they were there……. and surprise, surprise, there they were all sat tucking into dinner!  I was not best amused; I am generally quite placid but I do have a temper when pushed and confronted them as to why, if they weren’t happy to meet us outside the restaurant as arranged, one of them hadn’t nipped out to come and get us.  I was then subjected to an onslaught by Janine as to the fact that an unpleasant incident had occurred to her daughter in a shop, her daughter was her priority, and we basically were no better than s**t on the bottom of her shoe!  My mum voiced concern over the incident involving Janine’s daughter, but highlighted it only required one of them to wait for us outside the restaurant if the others wanted to go straight in to eat.  To me, this would have been common courtesy and what I would have done.  But no, not according to Janine.  There was no consideration on her part whatsoever.  In fact, if she could have spat her words at us, she would have!  And I had enough experience of Janine to know that her superior attitude and words had absolutely nothing to do with her daughter’s welfare……. it was purely to do with her own selfishness and manipulation of people, people too afraid to speak up against her……. so I walked out.  I walked out, sat outside, lit up a cigarette, and messaged my husband regarding the option of getting a flight home.  We were less than half way through the holiday, yet I wanted to go home.  And there was only one person responsible for this……. Janine.

Things were distinctly frosty with Janine after this incident but I stayed, mainly thanks to my mum and the fact that we were getting out and about and trying to rise above the ‘Janine’ issue.  We became quite friendly with a married couple who were also on holiday with their children and would sit and chat with them in the evening.  This was another downfall of ours; following a chat with this particular couple, mum and I were sat at a table nattering and playing cards.  The next thing, Janine appears in front of us from nowhere and proceeded to spout vitriol at the two of us, saying she knew mum was getting old, but hadn’t realised how old and boring she was getting until this holiday, how she used to be quite good fun and a laugh to talk to but not anymore…… then she turned on me, stating I was also boring and all I ever talked about was ‘kids and pampers’!! (I presume she was referring to my son who wasn’t even there.)  You need to realise this outburst was out of the blue and totally unexpected – we hadn’t even been sat with Janine.  Following her outburst, I think we just sat there with our mouths open, totally confused as to what had happened or what we had done.

It’s worth introducing Waynetta in a bit more detail at this point.  Waynetta has an alleged medical condition for which she claims every disability under the sun including the full Disability Living Allowance. A medical condition that may be real (or is it?), but the severity of which seems to ‘pick and choose’ when it is going to have an effect….. and seems to be dependent on how beneficial it is to the circumstances at the time. An airport involves a reasonable amount of walking and queuing and vying for a decent seat on a budget airline – ding dong! Medical condition raises its ugly head! Waynetta needs to get outside for a fag – ding dong! Medical condition not so severe! (nb. I was also a smoker at the time…….. this is not an anti-smoking dig). We’re on a trip that Waynetta isn’t too enamoured with – ding dong! Severe medical condition strikes again and Waynetta may have to (woe me!) forego the trip. Waynetta has gone to the pub and had a few sherberts – ding dong! Severe medical condition seems to have substantially subsided. Waynetta is going to visit Janine – ding dong! Medical condition appears to be in remission.  Anyway, I’m sure you catch my drift……there will be more on Waynetta’s alleged medical condition in a future blog…….

Waynetta panders to Janine; always has and always will.  In fact, I’m surprised anyone can actually talk to Waynetta, her tongue is so far up Janine’s backside!  But in the quiet light of day, out of Janine’s earshot, Waynetta hasn’t got a good word to say about Janine and agrees Janine has unpleasant traits but admits she is too scared to stand up to her (like many people I could mention!).

Waynetta showed her sycophantic (if you’re reading this Waynetta, it means ‘arse licking’ – I know the word will defeat your level of intelligence) ways on the holiday to Barcelona.  Whatever Janine said and did, Waynetta followed like a meek little mouse.  One evening, Waynetta seemed to be having a few hours of respite from her ‘alleged’ medical condition and went to a bar with Janine.  In the early hours of the morning, we are woken to shouting, slurring of words, raucous behaviour, banging on the door and wall, sounds of vomiting, etc. as Janine and Waynetta returned from the bar a bit worse for wear.  This went on for a considerable amount of time. Again, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to adopt a superior attitude here – I have got drunk and vomited on many occasions.  But this is the early hours of the morning, in a busy hotel, people are in bed, we were in bed asleep, and these are meant to be mature middle aged women.  Mum and I kept quiet and rode it out.  We knew if we responded or reacted to them, it would be hell.  The next day, this was the main focus of their conversation and highly hilarious in their eyes.  No apology or acknowledgement for disturbing us or anybody else in the hotel for that matter.

Their embarrassing manner did not end here.  I think it’s very normal to befriend and attract ‘like’ people.  Janine and Waynetta demonstrated this quite aptly.  Waynetta is not adverse to burping, farting and swearing quite loudly in public and laughing hysterically about it.  The sort of thing we all most probably did and found quite funny as teenagers, but as you grow older, you exercise discretion and choose your moments…….. and we are talking about a 40 year old woman here!  Unfortunately, Waynetta not only failed to curb this side of her nature in Barcelona, there was actually no discretion at all, which wasn’t helped by the fact that she did this in the company of ‘like’ people she had befriended which only fuelled the whole embarrassing situation even more.

This might indicate why my mum and I were not sat with Janine and Waynetta in the evenings……

Following the trip to Barcelona, my contact with Janine in particular became almost non existent. I could actually count the number of times I communicated with Janine on one hand (using 3 fingers maximum!).  My mum and I have spoken about the Barcelona holiday on numerous occasions and come to various conclusions, the principle one being that Janine is consumed with jealousy and hatred.  So far as Waynetta is concerned, I have my own views here too, most of them revolving around her total lack of guts, morals and dacorum.

In the past year, I have become estranged from both Janine and Waynetta.  At long last, after 44 years of abuse and crap, I have had the guts to vocalise my opinions, to give them a taste of their own medicine, to say ‘I’ve had enough!’.  And various other family members have followed suit.

But believe me, they won’t care.  I know they are aware of my blogs and reading them.  But how can words affect people who have such a misguided view of themselves, who will never accept any blame, and will place such blame on everybody else all the time they have a captive audience??

But here’s the best bit……. I DON’T CARE! I don’t care if you choose to believe your own lies……. because I am getting my own release through this blog, and I feel immense satisfaction through speaking out at long last and letting people know the truth!  And I still have so much more to tell!

Keep reading………

Anthea xx


4 thoughts on “In the Words of Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé…………. Barcelona!!

  1. I know Janine’s daughter. Is she possibly going to be the subject of future blogs, being somewhat of a Vicky Pollard replica nowadays ….?


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