The First Character!

betrayalFor today’s story, I will be introducing my first character………Janine (as in Janine Butcher), a person of limited morals and scruples!

In addition to being the focus of this blog, Janine is the main character (my ‘certain person’) in my previous blog “OK, Now For a Bad One……”

To set the scene…….we are moving forward a number of years to my 20s.  My experiences (both good and bad) were not exclusive to my childhood; even during my early adult hood, I continued to be fairly naive and lacked the maturity to see things for what they were………most probably thanks to all the Mills & Boons books I read!

I was in a relationship and we were holding a party.  Our parties were generally quite frivolous with an abundance of alcohol and lots of family and friends present.  On this particular occasion, my dad even joined us which surprised me because I thought it might be a bit too raucous, but was a pleasant addition.  I didn’t consume too much alcohol at the party as I recollect – not to say I didn’t ever get drunk because that would be an outright lie as I have got plastered on many occasions with intent! – but I was not an avid lover of most alcoholic drinks, plus I think I was trying to do the social thing and mingle and make sure everyone was ok.

A number of hours into the party, I went upstairs either to get something or go to the loo…….as I reached the landing, the door of the spare room opened and Janine walked out (not sure if this was a fluke or I was heard!).  Whilst keeping a look of neutrality on her face as she looked at me, she adjusted her clothing.  I walked towards the spare room and noticed my partner was in there…….I thought it a bit strange, but I was preoccupied with whatever task I had gone upstairs to perform, and I was gullible.  I think the excuse given to me at the time was that both parties were partaking in the smoking of illicit substances and didn’t want to perform such activities in front of my father (my dad was actually quite down to earth!).

After a few years, my relationship died a death……should have been a damn sight earlier, but I WAS exceptionally naive and stupid.  As is so often the case when relationships end, a lot of worms came out of the woodwork and I was told a few home truths.  And yes, you’ve most probably guessed what one of those home truths was…..why else would 2 people unexpectedly be in a bedroom together, and why would one be adjusting their dress in a dubious manner as they came out, following completion of their, errr……sex, SORRY…

This is just one example of many in which Janine has demonstrated a total lack of scruples in her life – I do believe she was also in a relationship at the time – and one of many stories which Janine would categorically refute ever occurred to anyone gullible enough to listen.

What I can’t work out is this…… what point did Janine cross the line between outright lying, and actually believing that all the lies she has told are the truth???

A thought to ponder on……..until the next time.

Anthea xx


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