A Good Memory……..

BlisworthWhen I was approximately 5 years old, the family moved from Brackley to Blisworth in Northamptonshire. Mum was telling me a few months back that the houses were very small – this was because I was having a trip down memory lane and was wistfully looking at a house that was for sale a few doors up from where we used to live.

I don’t remember much about the inside of the house (apart from the experience of trying to give my sister a shave once in the bathroom and cutting her……don’t ask!) but I do remember the outside, and how I loved it!  We had a magnificent blackcurrant bush in the garden.  Mum used to make the most wonderful fruit pies with the blackcurrants and blackberries we picked from walks along the canal.  And at the end of the garden, you went through a gate straight onto the banks of the Grand Union Canal!!!  Nowadays, a house by a canal or river is something that I (and my husband) dream of……..at the age of 5 it was a reality, one that I most probably took for granted at the time.

My siblings and I ranged in age from approximately 3 yrs to 7 yrs old when we first moved to Blisworth but, possibly with the exception of my youngest sister due to her age, we were allowed to play by the canal and go for walks because as said previously, things were different in those days.  I don’t ever remember there being any problems or scares with no adults being present because we didn’t know any different and had started learning from an early age how to take care of ourselves.  We were even allowed to walk to school with all the other kids and no parents in sight! (sort of thing you’d be reported for now……).

My siblings and I would regularly walk to Blisworth Tunnel and play in the trees on top…….in all the time we lived in Blisworth, the tunnel was closed and unusable which was a big shame.

Summers were filled with family walks along the canal in the evening accompanied by some neighbours who had a boy around our age.  It was ideal.

Our time was also spent with my dad sitting on the banks of the railway line or taking a trip to Roade Station so that we could mark off the train numbers in our engine books.  I felt so sorry for dad……..he was the most avid train spotter yet was saddled with 4 daughters – what torture!  But he persisted in taking us train spotting and we did it!  But for the life of me I could never see the engine number – I was always confusing it with the carriage numbers!  In addition, Roade Station did have an excellent park next door which always caught our eye…….

THAT is the sort of memory I love to remember.  THAT is the sort of memory that should make up a happy childhood.

I love those memories……..

Anthea xx

ps. Incidentally mum, do you remember when I set fire to the living room carpet at Blisworth???? I was setting off those cap strips (see below) but I was covering my fingers with tissue because I was worried I would get hurt.  Unfortunately, I set fire to the tissues which totally went up in flames……I dropped them and set the carpet on fire……..I think you stamped it out.  Not too sure how much damage I did but you were seriously not impressed with me! lol.  I’m sorry……honestly……..

ipcap strips


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